Miss Anne's provides personal care and friendships for your child in a newly-designed facility. More room for play, more room to learn.  We are here to teach your child about life and our commuinty.  Come visit our classrooms today!

Nursery "Tiffany Room"

2 weeks - Walking


  • Multiple cribs for each infant to have their own

  • Separate sleeping area

  • Refridgerator in nursery for bottles

  • Adaptable schedules that best fit your family

  • Six-seat stroller for playground morning walks

Toddler "Yellow Room"

Walking - 2 years (depending upon development)


  • Educational daily circle time

  • Small, personalized classroom

  • Daily art activities

  • Mastering self-help skills

  • Communication sheets sent home daily

2s  "Green Room"

Age 2


  • Potty training

  • Educational daily circle time

  • Daily arts and crafts

  • Sensory/messy activities

Pre-K  "Blue Room"

Ages 3 to 5


  • Teacher developed cirriculum

  • Educational daily circle time

  • Creative learning centers

  • Weekly themes

School Age  "Red Room"

Kindergarten to Age 12


  • Huge open classroom

  • Computer/designated homework area

  • Summer field trips

  • Science area

  • Multiple gaming tables

Sample Menu


Pancakes & Apples

Muffins & Pears

Cereal & Milk

Cinnamon Toast & Peaches


Chicken & Rice & Peas

Mac & Cheese & Carrots

Spaghetti & Broccoli

Pizza & Green Beans

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